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Tensioned Access Platform Netting

Tensioned Access Platform Netting (TAP Netting)

TAP – Tensioned Access Platforms is a general term now used for what was previously referred to as Work Position Netting, Work Platform Nets, or Walk on Nets.  This system has become recognised as a safe and alternative form of access over traditional solutions such as scaffolding for certain tasks and where MEWP access is unavailable.

FASET – Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training are the trade association involved with the specification and testing of such systems and have been working closely with the HSE in writing industry guidance.


Over the last decade the use of tensioned access platform systems has seen a gradual growth in the UK and worldwide construction industry for providing a collective and passive working platform for light duty access. In 2013 after the publication of the FASET Tensioned Access Platforms guidance document developed in conjunction with the HSE; specification and use of the Tensioned Access Platform Systems on main contractor UKCG sites has experienced rapid growth.

As main contractors have a duty under the CDM regulations to ensure they are competent to manage specialist sub-contractors it is now possible to rely upon the guidance and professional advice from FASET and the TAP guidance committee to ensure compliance with these regulations.  More and more subcontractors in the roofing, glazing, paint application, steel erectors and many other specialist sectors are experiencing the benefits of Tensioned Access Platform Systems in finding a workable solution at the fraction of the cost of traditional methods of access such as scaffolding and platform systems.

The Tensioned Access Platform Systems are extremely lightweight, cost effective to install and dismantle and above all vastly reduce the amount of hours working at height in just providing an access system to complete the work task.

Tensioned Access Platform Netting (TAP Nets) are specifically designed and engineered for the individual requirements of a project, with stretch calculations taken into consideration.  TAP nets are designed in such a way as to remove any sag at installation which helps reduce the deflection when in use.  Tensioned access platform nets are made under Standard EN.1263:1 and are made from either a 45mm x 45mm x 5mm or 65mm x 65mm x 5mm UV treated knotless polypropylene mesh.

TAP systems are a new approach to accessing difficult work locations such as:

  • Below deck structures as are often found around bridges, piers, wharves
  • Glazed atria’s
  • Mining work
  • Roofing structural work
  • Complex steel structures

High Access Solutions aim is to deliver award-winning project design and development in the work at height safety sector, we offer our clients a full turnkey solution for your project.  Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.

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