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You’ve got a challenging high-access job. We’ve got the expertise and equipment for you to get it done. Among rope access companies, we’re known to offer the best-quality work at height products and services. Work at height safety is our number one priority and it’s something we pride ourselves on.

No matter what you require, from work at height equipment, such as rope access systems and roof fall protection, to services including rope access building inspections, training and rescue courses, and testing and maintenance, High Access Solutions is on hand to help. Our clients are consistently delighted by our work, whether it’s the exceptional products we provide, sourced from trusted and sustainable brands, or the on-site projects we deliver, which includes work for universities, large retailers, airports, hospitals and more. We approach all jobs with the same professionalism and values we hold at our core, including attention to detail, innovation and integrity.

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Why Choose High Access Solutions?

We’re proud of our commitment to making working at height as safe as possible, even with difficult access, challenging orientation or extreme heights. Our commitment is to not only deliver services efficiently, but also provide your qualified professionals with the equipment and advice they need to pursue this type of work on an ongoing basis — without extortionate and ongoing investment in temporary solutions, such as scaffolding.

When working with a rope access company, you want to ensure your requirements are met to a high standard. We use only the best products in the industry, whether you’re looking for a free-standing roof guardrail installed on your premises, or a fall arrest system and full training to provide your workers with maximum freedom of movement.


Our Services

Know what you need? Or simply want to shop around and see what’s best for you? Check out our service offerings below:

Training and Rescue Courses: As an employer, manager or operative, you and your colleagues are obligated to satisfy health and safety regulations when working at height. Employers are legally required to provide training and make arrangements for emergencies and rescue in the event of a fall. Our training courses, delivered in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and Delivery of Training and Education for Work at Height and Rescue, ensure that all work is planned, supervised and conducted safely.

Safety Systems: Everyone who works at height should be doing so in the safest possible environment. We install high-level safety systems to prevent and mitigate falls, and test the systems to ensure they comply with regulations.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All employers have a duty of care to their employees and must ensure the provision of personal protective equipment, or PPE, to protect workers against health and safety hazards. This might include helmets, gloves and hi-vis clothing, as well as safety harnesses and rescue equipment. Our product lines meet all the requirements for Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 and we can not only provide you with fall arrest and protection equipment, but also conduct regular safety inspections, teach you and your staff how to identify defective equipment and train workers how to use systems.

Full Consultation and Implementation of Your Project: We’ve been involved in a number of work at height projects located in the UK and Europe. We work with our clients to determine their needs and offer clients a full design, installation and training service. We undertake surveys and produce CAD drawings for every project, so that you will always have a tailored solution.



It takes a special type of person to be the right fit for High Access Solutions. We’re looking for passionate, talented individuals who share our core values of integrity, dedication, perfection and the ability to think deeply.

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