DBI SALA RoofSafe Anchor Points

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DBI SALA RoofSafe Anchor Point

The DBI Sala RoofSafe Anchor has been created by Capital Safety and used in many of the works High Access Solutions undertakes. It has been designed in order to substantially reduce and eliminate the risk of injury and deaths whilst working at height.

Using the DBI Sala RoofSafe Anchor does not compromise the structural integrity of the building on which it is installed, meaning that it can be used on a wide variety of properties successfully. Health and safety requirements for older buildings continue to mount but the installation of the RoofSafe anchor is an economical solution for these requirements, seeing that they are met at a cost that is affordable for the company concerned.

Modern buildings which feature stunning design elements will not have those compromised by the installation of this product as it is discreet while also seeing that working at height safety requirements are met.

The DBI SALA RoofSafe Anchor is also used as part of the Roof Lifeline Cable Systems and has been tested for these applications.

Benefits and Features:

There are many key features and benefits that the installation of the DBI Sala RoofSafe anchor can provide, some of these include:

  • There are many types of roofing that this system can be installed on, making it a versatile product able for use on almost every building. The RoofSafe anchor point can be fitted on the following roof types: Standing seam, composite, built up roofing systems and membrane roofing systems.
  • The product allows for multi-directional use, it is able to absorb the energy from a potential fall in any direction – this gives it a wide scope of positions that it can be installed upon a roof without compromising the safety of the workers using it.
  • Within the product, its energy absorption system means that it requires less fasteners when being installed, consequently the roof suffers fewer penetrations and saves money when the product is being fitted.
  • Due to the marine grade alloys that Capital Safety use for the construction of this product the RoofSafe anchor is light, making it safer to move during the installation process as well as reducing shipping costs. The specific design of the product also lends itself to compact shipping, reducing costs again.
  • The RoofSafe anchor has been specially designed so that Annual Tests and structural verification for compliance can be carried out without damaging the integrity of the product. It can withstand a pull test of 5kN without damage.
  • The DBI SALA RoofSafe Anchor is also used as part of the Roof Lifeline Cable Systems and has been tested for these applications.
  • The anchor conforms to EN 795, OSHA, ANSI, AUS/NZ, standards and has been tested to both EN 795 Class A and C standards.

High Access Solutions offer our clients a full design and installation service, we undertake surveys and produce CAD drawings for each project. Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.

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