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Facade Access Systems

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Facade Access

As more buildings become unique architectural statements, with often sophisticated and intricate envelopes, facade access plays an ever more important role in safe and efficient building maintenance.  High Access Solutions provides independent consulting services that identify and address these specific requirements.  Our design planning team brings a unique expertise to the planning of permanent access equipment for exterior and interior building facade access maintenance.

Our aims are to ensure the highest degree of equipment effectiveness and its compatibility with the building’s design whilst minimising the aesthetic impact of the specification.  For projects of any size and shape our expertise in design and technology provides our clients with facade access services for their buildings that are safe, practical, aesthetic and functional.

In addition to developing design documents and technical specifications using the latest AutoCAD and visual simulation techniques our services also include construction contracting and project management with assistance in the bidding and value engineering process. We review drawings; monitor the progress of the installation and conduct final acceptance commissioning.  We also help with Maintenance contracting and can even manage your exterior maintenance programs, whether internal or outsourced.  Our approach gives complete commitment to the critical balance of thoroughness, creativity, safety, productivity and cost effectiveness.

Cradles / Davit Systems

Powered cradles 3 phase, Powered cradles battery, Rope climber, Cradle rails, Cradle davits, Suspended access PPE, Suspended access Training & Rescue, Suspended access Commissioning & Testing.


Powered roofcars 3 phase, Powered 3 phase, Powered telescopic, Powered roofcars battery, Powered roofcars for rope climber, Powered roofcars rope access, Roofcar PPE, Roofcar Training, Roofcar Commissioning & Testing.


Powered monorail 3 phase, Powered monorail battery powered, Climbing systems, Rope climber systems, Rope access monorails, Skyman cradles, Manual trolleys, Powered trolleys, Battery trolleys, Monorail Training, Monorail Commissioning & Testing.

High Access Solutions aim is to deliver award-winning project design and development in the work at height safety sector, we offer our clients a full turnkey solution for your project.  Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.