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Fragile Roof Fall Protection

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Fragile Roof Fall Protection

Falls through fragile surfaces, particularly roof lights and fibre-cement roofs are one of biggest causes of serious injuries as a result of falls from height. Work on fragile surfaces is considered to be high risk and as a result the HSE requires that effective precautions are taken for all work on or near fragile surfaces, no matter how short the duration. Accidents can be avoided as long as suitable equipment is used and those carrying out the work are provided with adequate information, training and supervision.

Which surfaces present a particular risk?

• Old roof lights
• Old liner panels on built-up sheeted roofs
• Non-reinforced fibre cement sheets
• Corroded metal sheets
• Glass (including wired glass)
• Slates and tiled areas

The HSE hierarchy of risk management:
Plan and organise work to keep people away from fragile surfaces so far as possible, e.g. by working from below the surface on a mobile elevating work platform or other suitable platform.
Work on or near fragile surfaces requires a combination of stagings, guard rails, fall restraint, fall arrest and safety nets slung beneath and close to the roof.
Warning notices must be fixed on the approach to any fragile surface. Those carrying out the work must be trained, competent and instructed in the use of the precautions required.
On business premises, contractors should work closely with the client and agree arrangements for managing the work.

Systems manufactured

• Fall guard covers using recycled plastics
• Fragile Roof Walkways
• Fragile covers using metal

High Access Solutions offer our clients a full design and installation service, we undertake surveys and produce CAD drawings for each project. Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.