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Fragile Roof Walkways

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Fragile Roof Walkway Systems

When there is work to be done on a fragile roof, temporary or permanent walkways that incorporate a guardrail should be provided. For maintenance access for gutter cleaning and plant maintenance on fragile roofs High Access provides a walkway system manufactured from Glass-reinforced plastic or GRP, which is a composite material made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibres made of glass.

The fragile roof walkway surface is treated with an aluminium oxide compound to ensure a long lasting slip free finish. All fixings are supplied in stainless steel to ensure longevity. High Access Roof walkways delivers a premium walkway solution – robust, durable and long life expectancy.

High Access fragile roof walkways are designed from a serrated non slip tread. The width of the roof walkway is 600mm – 1200m with the length can be made to measure panels can be manufactured to meet bespoke requirements.

Different roof characteristic may need additional protection such as aluminium handrails, which can easily be integrated within the roof walkway system. This is usually decided at the site survey stage, where High Access design team can offer a suitable solution to suit your requirements.

Main Features
Robust and durable
Serrated making for a non-slip product
Standard or made to measure

High Access Solutions offer our clients a full design and installation service, we undertake surveys and produce CAD drawings for each project. Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements