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Fixed Access Ladders

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Fixed Access Ladders

High Access Solutions fixed access ladder systems can give you safe and secure access to any raised elevation whilst complying with all Work at Height Directives.  Fixed Access Ladder systems should be designed and manufactured to meet the most recent British Standards (BS 4211:2005) for all vertical access ladders.

Fixed Access Ladders can be constructed with either a safety cage or, where a hoop arrangement is not suitable, a fall arrest system can be fitted.  Either of these options will meet all Work at Height Directives and can be modified to suit any situation.

High Access Solutions ladders can be manufactured in most finishes and can be altered to suit almost any specification.  Available options include but are not exhaustive, in galvanised steel, stainless steel, powder coated, aluminium, GRP and glass fibre for complete corrosion resistance.

Fixed access ladder installations must be periodically inspected by a competent person for rust, corrosion and structural integrity, and must be maintained in a good condition, not likely to endanger any worker.  These inspections should be conducted at least once per year. Records of inspections and maintenance to fixed access ladder systems should be maintained.

Fixed Access Ladder Systems:

  • Vertical ladder with safety cage
  • Vertical ladder with fall arrest
  • Vertical ladder telescopic
  • Vertical folding ladder with fall arrest
  • Vertical folding rung ladder with fall arrest
  • Vertical folding Fallprotec ladder
  • Shaft ladders
  • Rolling ladder with fall arrest
  • Inclined ladders
  • Inclined ladder with fall arrest
  • Locking cover plates

High Access Solutions aim is to deliver award-winning project design and development in the work at height safety sector, we offer our clients a full turnkey solution for your project.  Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.