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Roof Safety Systems

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Roof Safety Systems

Legislation for the Construction Industry covered by CDM states that all new buildings and refurbishments must now include as part of their designs provisions for fall protection for all workers working at height and also for any future maintenance or inspection works.

Fall Arrest:

A fall arrest system provides maximum freedom of movement for workers to conduct their work. The system is designed to allow the person to either effect a self-rescue or be rescued in the event of a fall.

Fall Restraint:

A fall restraint system allows a person access to conduct their duties but prevents the worker from reaching a point where a fall could occur.  Restraint systems are generally suitable if the person needs to work at the edge of a hazard, e.g. where there is a need to maintain gutters along the edge of a roof, or if there are other potential fall hazards such as a fragile roof, roof lights or air vents.

Benefits of Roof Safety Cable Systems:

  • Range of anchors to suit different structures and building fabrics
  • Bespoke anchors for special projects can be designed
  • Discreet and unobtrusive
  • Navigate corners, gradients and obstacles
  • Simple attachment device for continuous hands free movement around the system
  • CE marked

Our roof safety products include:

  • Spiratech force management system
  • Steel cable fixed system – Uni-8
  • Synthetic cable system – Uni-16
  • Force management system free standing – Diasafe
  • Aluminium rail system – Uniline Roofsafe
  • Traditional fabricated fixed posts
  • Testing & Maintenance
  • User Equipment and Training
  • Rescue Packages

High Access Solutions aim is to deliver award-winning project design and development in the work at height safety sector, we offer our clients a full turnkey solution for your project.  Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.