Uniline Uni-16 Horizontal Synthetic Lifeline System

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The Uniline Uni-16 Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline System



This product is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios such as for refurbishments, for industrial safety and for new projects being built. The Uniline Uni-16 Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline System can be fitted to many different structures, thanks to the free flowing bypass capability the system is able to navigate around corners of buildings – ensuring that it can be installed on structures which have complex artistic designs as well as simplistic ones.

As well as this the Uni-16 is both a fall arrest and work restraint system – covering the requirements of fall arrest when working at height and also the ideal scenario of ensuring that the workers are restrained while completing their tasks at height. It supports multiple workers using the system at one time, ensuring that a team of employees can conduct work at heights safely and securely.

Overall the Uniline Uni-16 system is a sound investment. As previously described it is a highly adaptable system which can be installed to almost any structure where work at height requirements need to be met. Thanks to the long lasting materials which the system is made from, it is highly durable with minimal Maintenance required to keep the system in working order and meeting with compliance. The system need only be inspected once a year in order to ensure it is still in working order and fit for continued use.

The Uniline Uni-16 is a system which conforms to the various criteria of the following: EN795  Class, OSHA, 1915.159 and 1926.502M, ANSI Z359.1 2007 and AS/NZS 1891.2. As well as having the ‘CE’ mark of quality.


Benefits and Features:

  • The Uniline Uni-16 comes with a specialised 16mm synthetic cable system which offers Permanent Fall Protection while still affording excellent freedom of movement
  • When installed the system can span up to 30m between the supports required in the intermediary sections, which saves on time and cost of installation of the system
  • The system is able to easily navigate corners and contours of buildings making it suitable for almost any structural design
  • Examining the interior workings of the system it is evident that the Uniline Uni-16 has an excellent energy absorption capability, which is invaluable when dealing with falls from height
  • Electro-polished components provide long term resistance to corrosion that the system might be exposed to during use – in particularily aggressive chemical environments however the system would need to be checked more often to look for potential weaknesses and ensure it still remained compliant with health and safety standards
  • Due to the positioning of the system, being exposed to the elements frequently, it has a series of important resistance factors including – water, rot, UV and ozone
  • The Uniline Uni-16 is non abrasive in nature, for ease of use
  • Performance of the system and it’s capabilities has been tested and monitored before production using bespoke design software, ensuring it’s able to fulfill the required health and safety standards


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