Roof Walkway Systems

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Roof Walkway Systems

Roof Walkway designs provide personnel protection from trips and falls around service equipment and parapet edges. The installation is customized to the roof layout offering unimpeded pedestrian access to congested areas. Walkways are fabricated to include handrails, kick-plates, and open mesh flooring made from galvanized mild steel. Roof Walkways can be combined with other services and can provide supports where required for a dual-purpose support.

When installed in conjunction with handrails, roof walkways serve to provide a collective approach to safe roof access. Roof walkways provide safe access across roofs, and can be used on many different roof types including but not exhaustive;
• Standing Seam
• Membrane (Protan, Bitumen, Trocal)
• Metal profiles (Composite, Secret Fix, Built Up)
• Traditional (Slate, Tile, Copper, Lead, Cement)

By creating a designated roof walkway across the roof, maintenance costs are lessened as the amount of foot traffic is minimised, leading to an extended roof life. The roof walkway system allows for greater weight distribution by spreading the weight on large regular bearers, reducing the risk of damage to aluminium roof trays and cement roofs, and preventing personnel from falling through brittle cement/asbestos roofs.

It is essential that the installed walkways and fall protection systems are lightweight in design, easily cleaned and rot-free. It is also usual for the roof walkways to be produced in light grey colour, but where the environment is a particularly hazardous, bright colour such as yellows and reds can be specified or used as edgings. For temporary walkways to enable work at heights, non-slip flooring should be provided, avoiding the use of chequerplate where possible.

High Access Solutions offer our clients a full design and installation service, we undertake surveys and produce CAD drawings for each project. Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.
Consideration should be given to activities e.g. chemical drips/spills, or personnel working below to determine suitable flooring. Roof walkway systems should conform to safety regulations appropriate to the country of usage. Preferably, minimum width 600mm. The width of the roof walkways may be reduced to 500mm when justified by a risk assessment due to machinery or the environment if the platform or walkway is used occasionally and the reduction is made for only a short distance

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