Skylight Covers 100% Recycled Plastics

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Skylight Cover 100% Recycled Plastics

Falls through fragile roofs and fragile roof lights cause death and serious injury. They account for almost a fifth of all the fatal accidents which result from a fall from height buildings.

The following are likely to be fragile
• Old roof lights
• Old liner panels on built-up sheeted roofs
• Non-reinforced fibre cement sheets
• Corroded metal sheets
• Glass (including wired glass)
• Rotted chipboard; and
• Slates and tiles.

Skylight covers area a peripheral fall protection system used in conjunction with roof walkways. Skylight covers ensures that if a user falls sideways from a walkway they will not pass through fragile roof sheets or roof lights.

High Access Skylight covers can be designed and manufactured in GRP and aluminium. Skylight covers can be designed to accommodate all roof types and pitches and can be fixed or free standing for use on membrane, bitumen, green, fragile roofs and trapizoidal roofs.

High Access Solutions offer our clients a full design and installation service, we undertake surveys and produce CAD drawings for each project. Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.

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