Overhead Fall Protection Systems

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Overhead Fall Protection Systems

The Overhead Fall protection system can be specifically designed for application to structures above work areas where the fixing centres may be limited, for example railway or aircraft maintenance areas. Longer spans between intermediate brackets are required; without compromising deflection, distance or structural tolerances.

Once installed an Overhead system enables unhindered access using relatively heavy self-retracting life-lines whose bulk and proximity to the user would normally cause wire system deflection or fouling when trying to negotiate support brackets.


• The overhead traveller passes freely over intermediate brackets ensuring complete freedom and therefore movement for the user
• Sealed bearings in the carriage wheels of the overhead traveller reduce the need for maintenance
• Curved overhead brackets for installation of a lifeline around a corner
• High tensioned stainless steel cable supports heavy fall arrest devices when required and reduces cable deflections
• In line energy absorbers reduce load transfer to the structure in the event of a fall
• Strong intermediate cable supports allow the system to span greater distances for long bay work areas and permit free passage of the traveller
• Electro-polished Stainless Steel (316) components provide long-term corrosion resistance**
• Supports multiple workers up to 140kg (310 lbs) each
• • Tested to EN795 class C and meets the requirements
• of AS/NZS 1891.2, is OSHA compliant

** some aggressive environments can cause corrosion and discolouration of stainless steel

Available Systems:

Aluminium Rail systems
• Rail systems for roofs
• Rail systems for walls
• Rail systems for overhead
• Rail systems for ladders
• Rail system on walkways
• Rail system PPE
• Rail system training and rescue
• Rail system compliance inspections

Overhead Fall Protection

• Overhead Cable system
• Overhead Rail system
• Overhead system PPE
• Overhead system training and rescue
• Overhead system compliance inspections

High Access Solutions offer our clients a full design and installation service, we undertake surveys and produce CAD drawings for each project. Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.

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