5 Roof Safety Products for Working at Height

5 Roof Safety Products for Working at Height

Roofs harbour a number of fall hazards and, as a property owner or contractor, you bear full responsibility for your workers and contractors safety. In fact, all new buildings and refurbishments must include provisions to protect workers from falls, as instructed by CDM (Construction Design and Management) regulations.

We take a look at five roof safety products that provide you with a complete solution to this problem.

Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest Products

Fall restraint products allow workers to carry out their duties, but prevent them from accessing an area of the roof where they might fall. These areas might include gutters at the edge of a roof, fragile roofs, skylights, roof lights and air vents. Fall arrest products, meanwhile, offer the worker maximum freedom of movement to conduct their duties, and either allow the worker to exercise self-rescue or to be rescued from a fall.

1. Roof Guardrail Systems

The two main types of Roof Guardrail systems are free-standing and fixed. They are specifically designed to fit different types of roofs, but most share key parts and can be put together on the same roof area. This provides the greatest flexibility for most roof structures.

Freestanding guardrails can prevent workers from accidentally stepping on a fragile part of the roof, such as skylights or air vents.

High Access Solutions’ Roof Guardrail systems meet all current legislative requirements and are lightweight, making them an ideal solution for your collective fall protection needs.

The benefits of using Roof Guardrail systems include:

  • They are supplied in kit form and use a minimum number of components
  • Prefabricated components allow quick and easy erection and adaption
  • Modular design means there’s no bending or welding needed, saving installers valuable time on site
  • They can be installed on all types of buildings, new and old
  • They are manufactured with galvanised, anti-corrosion coating, equivalent to BS EN ISO1461, with zinc-coated steel grub screws

2. Roof Lifeline Cable Systems

This system enables workers to access areas of the roof, providing  great flexibility. This system — the RoofSafe Horizontal Roof Cable System — works in tandem with the RoofSafe Anchor product and takes advantage of the low system loads generated in the event of a fall.

Despite using just an 8 mm cable, the system maintains a high standard and functionality. Spanning up to 15m between anchors, the RoofSafe Horizontal Roof Cable System provides the roof worker with continuous hands-free movement and can be used by multiple workers at the same time. This provides you with an affordable solution for roof fall safety.

Other benefits of using roof safety cable systems include:

  • A range of anchors to suit different structures and building fabrics
  • Bespoke anchors for special projects
  • Discreet and unobtrusive
  • Navigate corners, gradients and obstacles
  • Simple attachment device for continuous hands-free movement around the system
  • CE marked

3. Roof-Access Stairs and Step Units

Roof Access Staircases and Step Units are designed for access when the angle of access ranges from 30-50° in pitch. They provide easy access to plant areas, parapet walls, conduits or any other roof obstruction. They can be fixed or freestanding and can be supplied with traditional guardrails or cable-based safety systems.

While step units permit movement over ducting, parapet walls, conduits or any other type of roof obstruction, access staircases provide seamless movement from one structure level to another. They are suitable for operations that require regular travel between levels and access to operating platforms to reach equipment that require routine attention.

4. Fragile Roof Walkways

When working on a fragile roof, depending on the situation, you may need to employ temporary or permanent walkways combined with a guardrail. These are available as fixed or freestanding, and can be tailored to fit any situation. High Access Solutions’ roof walkway system possesses maximum strength. The gritted walkway surface offers a high degree of slip resistance, which protects the worker during adverse weather, including rain, frost, ice and snowy conditions.

For long-term safe and secure access when it comes to general cleaning and maintenance, fixed roof access walkways should be put in place. High Access Solutions’ walkways are designed to adapt to the most demanding structural and environmental conditions.

The features and benefits of our walkways include:

  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-slip surface
  • Simple and quick install
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Fixed or free-standing systems for all types of roof coverings

5. Skylight Covers

Skylight protection covers can be used to protect fragile skylights, so that workers can safely walk on them. They can also be used in combination with roof walkways, which ensure that, if a worker falls sideways from a walkway, they will not pass through skylights.

High Access Solutions’ skylight covers can be offered fixed or free-standing to accommodate all roof types and pitches. They are made from various materials, including galvanised steel and recycled plastics.

The benefits of skylight covers include:

  • The system does not block light
  • They can be installed further from the edge of the skylight, ensuring they are not visible from within the skylight
  • They can be installed around nonstandard-shaped skylights
  • All fittings are galvanised, making the system durable and virtually maintenance-free

If you are looking for a comprehensive roof-safety solution, you need to consider the many fall hazards and consult the experts. High Access Solutions can ensure all areas are covered in a cost-efficient manner.

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