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Rope Access Glazing Installation and Remedial Works

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Rope Access Glazing Installation and Remedial Works

High Access Solutions Ltd offer as part of the comprehensive Rope Access and Industrial Abseiling services the company can fulfill, Industrial Rope Access Glazing Installation and Remedial Works.

Glazing Installation offers many benefits, the main one to note however is that buildings or structures which have glazed windows installed have a much higher energy efficiency rating. These ratings are now required to be given upon lease or sale of a building, the grading of the structure in question can matter very much to potential tenants or those looking to purchase. The ratings on buildings with glazed windows are much higher as the heat that would have normally escaped the building is lessened due to the glaze.

Industrial Rope Access is a highly suited method to installing glazing works onto buildings of height. This is because the anchorage equipment through which the technicians suspend in order to safely conduct the works can be easily installed and uninstalled around different points of the roofing area. When comparing systems and their various time scales to completely glaze a building’s window areas, the use of MEWP’s and scaffolding take noticeably longer to install and relocate around the site as opposed to Industrial Rope Access Systems.

This reduced time scale is both beneficial to the overall cost of the project and to the employees conducting the works.

The amount of time that the employees are exposed to dangers from working at height are significantly reduced by the employment of Rope Access as a method for Glazing Installation – this is because the workers are kept at height for significantly less time overall therefore reducing their exposure to risk.

Glazing Remedial works also benefit from using Industrial Rope Access as a way in which to conduct repairs. The technicians performing the works can specifically target the areas of the buildings window system which require the maintenance work conducted on them, keeping the disruption to the building as minimal as possible through the project. Remedial Glazing Rope Access works still take less time, are safer for employees but specifically in relation to repair works which may work to a shorter timescale than a full installation project – Industrial Rope Access keeps the everyday running of the building going without space restrictions or loud distractions from MEWP operation or scaffold construction.

High Access Solutions aim is to deliver award-winning project design and development in the work at height safety sector, we offer our clients a full turnkey solution for your project.  Please contact us on 0114 242 48112 for all your work at height project requirements.