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Rope Access Signage Works

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Rope Access Signage Works

High Access Solutions Ltd offer a wide range of comprehensive services in the work at height sector, one of these services includes Rope Access Signage Works.

The scope of this particular branch of Rope Access includes the maintenance of previously constructed signage on various buildings of height; to the affixing of new banners or promotional materials onto the sides of structures or other strategically significant areas of the building; and even the installation of brand new signage where required.

One of the benefits of using Rope Access is that there is little disruption to the day to day running building in question while the works are being completed. This is much preferred to the problems that the assembly of scaffolding or the hire of MEWP’s would create around the structure – such as a loss of access to the building and a decrease of parking areas due to the scaffolding or MEWP’s location.

Due to the nature of Signage Works within the construction industry, projects often need to be completed on structures of massive height such as power stations or landmarks. The use of methods such as scaffolding would not only be extremely costly due to the amount that would be required to reach all of the areas required, but immensely impractical. Rope Access and Industrial Abseiling is a significantly swifter way of completing works that would have taken several weeks should alternate methods be employed.

As with any work at height project the main concern of High Access Solutions Ltd is ensuring that the project is completed with not only speed and efficiency but in a safe manner for the employees involved in the installation or maintenance of the signage in question. Employees of High Access Solutions Ltd are fully trained in Rope Access methods and comply with the standards set by the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

High Access Solutions Ltd’s aim is to deliver award-winning project design and development in the work at height safety sector, we offer our clients a full turnkey solution for your project.  Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.