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UAV Access Services

High Access Solutions Ltd offers a wide range of UAV Access Services.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has revolutionised the way in which data for building surveys can be captured, they offer a full picture of the location or structure in question through high resolution cameras. They can be used for many other purposes in the construction industry however, bar the traditional building survey. For example there can be used for the following:

UAV Access Services are invaluable in the work at height industry for many reasons, but one of the most notable benefits of the product is that it allows for a survey to be completed without any risk to employees whatsoever. The drone itself can be operated from 500 meters away from the building in question and up to 122m in height, removing the need to use other work at height techniques and services and place employees at risk to obtain survey or other data.

Surveys can be very useful for many different areas of business not solely for the construction industry, including advertising. The video capture facilities of the UAV can allow for high resolution images and video to be used for promotional material on company websites or advertisements in other avenues.

There are many different regulations and training elements to being able to pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle, it is important that all operators have a complete understanding of these and are appropriately trained to meet all requirements. All of High Access Solutions Ltd’s UAV operators are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to conduct aerial work and are fully compliant with all regulations to that effect our pilots have all been issued with a PFAW (Permission for Aerial Work) license from the CAA. For peace of mind for our clients, High Access Solutions Ltd has acquired specialised public liability UAV insurance, which covers for accidents totaling an amount of £2 million per individual claim.

UAV surveys can be carried out in various sectors:

  • Building roof and structure surveys
  • Electric utilities mapping
  • Mining / stockpile mapping
  • Solar fields, fault finding
  • Oil & Gas, leaks, exploration imaging, inspections
  • Engineering, detection of cracks, leaks, etc.

Results from UAV Access Surveys can be viewed within only a few hours after the survey has been completed thanks to the USB capabilities in many drones. When employed to capture video there are some drones with built in facilities to show a live HD stream of video as the drone is currently flying, allowing for instant results so that projects can move on in without delays. Feedback regarding shot and angle can be given immediately – allowing for adjustment as the survey is being carried out, eliminating the need for extra visits and surveys.

High Access Solutions Ltd offer two different tiers of data reports following the completion of a UAV Drone Survey. The first option provides the client with a flash drive or web link to a detailed video or images of the structure that has been surveyed as well as a brief word document of the initial findings from the survey. The second option that our company can provide includes all offered in the first option, alongside a fully detailed condition report from a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Chartered Surveyor.

Overall it is evident that the UAV Access Survey is a cost effective method of surveying a given area while removing the risk to workers who would have had to manually conduct the surveys themselves. The high quality images produced by the UAV Access Survey allow for accurate project planning as well as the many other business uses for the drone survey.

High Access Solutions Ltd’s aim is to deliver award winning project design and development in the work at height safety sector. We offer clients a full turnkey solution for projects. Please contact us for all your work at height project requirements.

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